Million Dollar Round Table
"Your presentation was well presented and very well received. In the process, you impacted careers and touched lives."

Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, Inc.
"Your remarks…were exactly what our members and families needed… I will certainly recommend you to my industry counterparts."

National Petrochemical & Refiners Association
"You did it again! Thanks again for a job well-done..."

Houma-Terrebonne (LA) Chamber of Commerce
"Lessons learned with laughter seem to be the ones best remembered… we will remember yours for years to come."

Independent Bankers Association of New York State
"You blended the right mixture of humor and content to create an uplifting message… It was perfect."

Ag Processing Inc.
"…'Bring him back.' 'One of the best speakers we have heard.' 'Truly a great end to a meeting.' "

Texas Statewide Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
"Judging from the amount of laughing and clapping, I know our group enjoyed your presentation immensely. Thank you for your part in making this conference a success."

Metal Treating Institute
"Preliminary post-meeting critiques have rated you a 5 out of 5. It doesn't get any better than that."

Lexford Residential Trust
"I have received many compliments on my selection of our speaker and in my humble way have accepted all the credit for your success."

National Association of Insurance Commissioners
"Both the time you spent in preparation and in sharing your expertise are greatly appreciated... I heard numerous positive comments about your presentation."

Texas Education Agency
"...teachers can be a tough audience sometimes, but they gave you a standing ovation! That said it all as far as we're concerned."

Delaware Contractors Association
"...a day has not passed that we have not been complimented for having you as our speaker."

Monumental Life Insurance Co.
"You were an overwhelming success and made me look terrific!"

Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation
"…your presentation brought belly laughs and tears. Thanks again for a superb performance. It exceeded our expectations…"

Department of the Air Force, Family Readiness
"As always, you did an excellent job for us... many people rated you Excellent and added pluses and stars."

Agricultural Credit Association
"Your message on the importance of family really hit home with our Stockholders and Employees."

Cotton States Insurance
"Your message, thoroughly wrapped in humor, was well received by your audience. You provided just the right note on which to conclude our... meeting."

American Brush Manufacturers Association
"... regardless of who else is on the program, you're the one people remember."

United National Real Estate
"The... people I was sitting with were laughing so hard the tears were flowing... everyone else (in the room) was doing the same."

Bethesda Inc.
"Your comments were not only humorous, but insightful and thought provoking as well."

Independent Insurance Agents of Mississippi
"We're still laughing, even a week after your presentation!"

Brooke County (WV) Schools
"You came prepared to achieve the mission with a personalized, made for the customer presentation. You presented to perfection."

Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area
"The feedback that we received from the members was outstanding."

Retailer Owned Food Distributers & Associates
"... the wonderful message you provided... was the perfect mix of substance and humor."

Food Marketing Institute
"Well, you hit another home run. Bringing laughter to a room full of financial executives is not an easy task, but you accomplished it effortlessly."

North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation
"You have attained the status of Farm Bureau Hero!... It is a true mark of your talents and the heart you put into your work that people respond again and again with such warmth and enthusiasm."

Mississippi Credit Union System
"We have never had such a well-received and powerful session... It is speakers like you that 'put the icing on the cake'..."

The Arkansas Bankers Association
"Dr. Charles Petty... was simply tremendous. He was the hit of the convention and everyone raved about his presentation. People were even talking about his speech at breakfast the next morning."

North Carolina League of Municipalities
"The standing ovation following your presentation attested to the high regard our attendees had for your great message..."

Arett Sales
"... thank you for your dynamic presentation... you captivated the attention of young and old, male and female alike."

Indian Prairie (IL) School District
"... thank you for providing our staff members with the opportunity to reflect and laugh as we prepared for the opening of our school year... Some even said it was the best Institute Day program we have had."

Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributers Association
"Thank you for delivering such a terrific workshop. People could really relate to your presentation and they loved what you had to say!"

Wells (NV) Rural Electric Company
"Your keynote address... was just exactly what we wanted. Thank you for delivering such an outstanding performance."

NC Textile Manufacturers Association
"In 25 years of association management, I have never heard a better or more effective presentation... Your remarks, humor and delivery were perfect... I shall tell my counterparts... that Charles Petty is a meeting planner's dream come true."

Smith Industries/Aerospace & Defense Systems Inc.
"I am still hearing positive comments on your were a true gentleman and made me look very good in the eyes of everyone in our company."

National Association of Container Distributors
"Your presentation to NACD was excellent. It was the best I have ever heard."

Tennessee Oil Marketers Association
"The reason everyone enjoyed your talk so much is that everything you said was so true!"

AAA Tidewater Virginia
"Over the years... I have continually attempted to raise the bar of everything we do, including our Annual Meetings, but you are going to be hard to beat! When people have more to say about the speaker than... the food, you know you have done well."

Ohio Grocers Association
"... you were the perfect opening for our evening dinner. It had to be brief, it had to be humorous, and it needed a message. You excelled in every area."

Healthcare Financial Management Association
"... thanks for making my co-chair and me look so good (that happens when you get a speaker with the ability to make a room full of accountants laugh)!!!"

National Automobile Dealers Association
"WOW!!! What can I say about your presentations? OUTSTANDING, TERRIFIC, THOUGHT PROVOKING, HUMOROUS are just a few words that come to mind... You were the highlight of the program."

Casket & Funeral Supply Assn. of America
"[Those] manning our registration desk said: 'That must have been a wonderful presentation. We've never heard people so happy about a speaker!'"

Tennessee Valley Public Power Association
"You were a big hit... Thank you for being such a consummate professional."

Colorado Cattle Feeders Association
"WOW! You were absolutely great... Thank you for making our Convention so special... You did a DYNAMITE job."

Ohio Contractors Association
"You did an excellent job of entertaining as well as presenting your message."

National Telephone Cooperative Association
"Our members thoroughly enjoyed your speech and your message was very thought-provoking and uplifting. You are a pleasure to listen to and an excellent public speaker."

Gulfstream Management Association
"Outstanding!.. Your thoughts on the Family and Teamwork couldn't have been more timely or more appropriate for the employees at Gulfstream."

Sandhills Area (Southern Pines, NC) Chamber of Commerce
"You are, without a doubt, the guarantee to success in meeting planning."

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