Dr. Charles Petty
Humorous Professional Motivational Speaker
Inducted into the National Speaker Hall of Fame

Charles Petty... is a funny, educational and inspirational professional speaker. He has the rare ability to package profound, life-changing truths in humor. He has a soft southern accent and uses original humor that is never off-color.


Dr. Petty says, "My job as a speaker is to put:

           A smile on faces;
                 Information in minds;
                  dot.gif (842 bytes)    Motivation in hearts;
                          dot.gif (842 bytes)     Inspiration in spirits; and…
                              dot.gif (842 bytes)     Make the program planner look good!


Why have over 3600 different program planners invited Charles to speak? They say...

dot.gif (842 bytes)Charles Petty is a very funny and entertaining motivational speaker.
dot.gif (842 bytes)He has the rare ability to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain.
dot.gif (842 bytes)What he suggests can make a profound difference in a person’s life and career.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Everyone can identify with and profit from his insights regardless of their family status.
dot.gif (842 bytes)"Family" is a refreshing break from technical presentations.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Often spouses and guests attend conferences and "Family" is perfect for a joint session.

Invite award-winning, world-class professional motivational speaker
Dr. Charles Petty to be part of your next program. 

You and your audience will be glad you did!